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“WHY THE TWO?” – Luke 24:13-33

Emmaus is a little town 7 miles from Jerusalem. The two came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover and were greatly perplexed by the EVENTS that took place.

They had heard the Good News the women brought that Jesus Christ is risen, the tomb was empty and the body of Jesus Christ wasn’t there. Again, they also saw an Angel who spoke to them.

The two were talking about the sufferings, the trials, the crucifixion, the death and how the body of Jesus cannot be found.

They were reasoning, talking about these things, events that had taking place.

Verse 14 … ‘They were talking about EVERYTHING that had happened.’

They were discussing, asking questions, trying to find solutions to them but to no avail.

They showed concerned, their hearts were troubled, reflecting on all that happened. It was all about Jesus. They had a deep concern and love for Jesus and wanted to know more that’s why the discussion on Him.

Why the Two?

Jesus asked a question in verse 17 … ‘What are you discussing so INTENTLY as you walk along?’

Then one of them by name Cleopas answered … THINGS have happened the last few days – a deep concern on what had happened the few days.

Jesus asks the next question … ‘What things?’ – verse 19.

From verse 19 – 24 was their response to the stranger, Jesus the Christ, Saviour of our soul.

Jesus saw how they yearn to understand the Scripture yet lacked understanding.

Their deep concern for the Truth but could not find one.

Their quest for the interpretation of Scriptures but nobody to satisfy their thirst.

Jesus knowing all things has to satisfy their thirst. Matthew 5:6 “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice for they will be satisfied.”

Verse 27, then Jesus took them through the Scriptures, the things concerning Himself. Jesus had to even spend the night with them so that He can fully and completely satisfy their thirst.

 Beloved, there were many people that came for the Passover in Jerusalem and were returning to their villages, towns and homes. Why the Two?

It’s because of their genuine quest, inner thirst for the things concerning Jesus, to understand fully the Scriptures, the sayings of the Prophets, to know the Truth.

Jesus appeared to the Two. May Jesus appear to you as you genuinely seek Him.

May Jesus satisfy your thirst and whatever you hunger for.

Why the Two because they were in genuinely seeking to know the Truth.

God bless you.

Give your life to Jesus Christ. I love you but Jesus loves you the best.

Your comments are welcome.

Rev. Joseph KLM Ansa

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